1.wayang-cms official download address

Github official download,wayang-cms

2.Build a recurring environment

Download and install phpStudy, download wayang-cms and copy all files inside to phpStudy's web directory, connect to mysql and create a new database wayang-cms, start Apache to access set up installation. After the installation is complete, import cms.sql in wy_install into the database, and the successful operation is as follows

3.Vulnerability analysis

The vulnerability occurs on line 316 of index.php

Through debugging, it is found that $datamod['widget_module'] value is visitor, visit the homepage to view the source code

The file included here is wy_controlls/wy_side_visitor.php, locate the line 49 of wy_controlls/wy_side_visitor.php, the code is as follows:

The code directly takes the value from $_SESSION['visitor']['visitorip'] and locates it to the 11th line.

$_SESSION['visitor'] is assigned as an array, $_SESSION['visitor']['visitorip'] is the visitor IP, its calling method is ip(), locate this method, the file is wy_get_ipaddress .php.

Here, the source IP can be forged by X-Forwarded-For, this method returns directly without any processing of the data, and then assigns it to $_SESSION['visitor'], and finally outputs directly to form a reflective XSS.
PayLoad: X-Forwarded-For: <script>alert('xss')</script>

4.Vulnerability proof